Many officers/associates of the RNIOA who have contributed their stories, articles or images, have expressed their thanks and appreciation for the RNIOA's work. Here is a sample of some feedback. We are grateful for the contributors' permissions to publish these comments. No third parties have been utilised to gather feedback, consistent with the RNIOA’s policies.

#16 04/04/2022 Surg Cdr (D) Neil Harkness RN
I enjoyed reading the latest RNIOA newsletter (3) especially the rather poignant contribution from the "Bish". Well done to all involved!

#15 28/03/2022 Cdr (E) Jim French RN
Many thanks for the excellent newsletter. I hadn't realised that the internet address system was facing such problems (I recollect a similar challenge with STD codes a few years ago). Also, my memory from SULTAN 87 - 89 does permit me to substantiate your joint musical prowess! And I found Tony Mann's news and story touching and wonderfully human.

#14 30/12/2021 Lt Cdr (I) Brian Beel RN
I have been most impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of John Nixon and Mike Rose in first forming the web site and then having the courage to fund the production of the book for what was, inevitably, a very small niche market. You should also be very proud of your contribution in editing and in the provision of interesting articles.

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#13 15/11/2021 Lt (I) John Wheatley RN
I stumbled across your website and it really cheered me up and brought back a lot of happy memories. I was a Schoolie from 1966 to 1983, so I was delighted to see your excellent website. I hope it'll grow and grow.

#12 05/09/2021 Capt (I) Peter Rees RNR
Thank you for your remarkably fast action. I have checked the website and all is exactly as I submitted in the service story. It looks so polished and professional. The team members at the RNIOA have done such a good job.

#11 17/06/2021 Lt (I) Keith Henley RN
Well done guys. I have seen other presentations on ARNO but, as one would expect, yours was far superior. Happy to have contributed.

#10 29/03/2021 Cdr (I) Keith Hart RN
Thanks for your newsletter (1) with its interesting updates. Let’s hope that your readership continues to grow as the months go by leading to future stories. Best wishes to all your team. Keith.

#09 27/09/2020 Beryl Roach (wife of Lt Cdr Ieuan Roach RN)
Thank you most sincerely for my copy of the book and for your dedication in it. It means a great deal to me and the rest of the family as Ieuan was working on "the book" almost right to the end; we just wish he could have seen the finished work which is so impressive. You have also done him proud in the Introduction. Thank you.