#08 15/09/2020 Philip Roach (son of Lt Cdr Ieuan Roach RN)
We all share Dad's great enthusiasm for your publishing venture and, as you know, Dad made an enormous effort to complete his contributions in what transpired to be his final weeks. On behalf of the whole family, we wish you all ongoing good health and success.

#07 18/08/2020 Cdr Walter Burroughs RAN, Naval Historical Society of Australia (NHSA)
Dear All, well done with this (RNIOA book) enterprise which I am sure will be greatly appreciated by many interested in the history of naval training. See full book review.

#06 13/06/2020 Cdr (I) Keith Hart RN
Thank you for your email with the exciting news of your book project. I applaud your tenacity in recording the instructor branch history. As before, I would welcome the opportunity to view the draft publication and make any overview comments.

#05 26/05/2020 Cdr (I) Bob Young RN
Just finished my leisurely read of THE BOOK. Quite honestly I think it ‘hangs together’ very well. I particularly liked the history contained in Chapter 1 and Ieuan Roach’s fascinating Service Story. I can’t honestly offer anything other than a “Bravo Zulu” at this point for all the efforts your team have made - the end product speaks for itself.

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#04 08/05/2020 Lt Cdr Ieuan E. Roach RN
Dear Lt Cdr Rose and Lt Nixon, Thank you for e-mailing me about the up-dating of RNIOA’s web-site, much of which I have read and found very interesting. You are both to be congratulated for your efforts to keep alive memories of “our” branches: both the Instructor Branch and the earlier Schoolmaster Branch.

#03 04/03/2020 Cdr Walter Burroughs RAN, Naval Historical Society of Australia (NHSA)
John, I did enjoy the history of the Instructor Branch so expertly written by yourself and your colleague Michael. As this would be of considerable interest to our members I should like to slot it into a future edition of our magazine.

#02 16/10/2019 Cdr (I) John Berridge RNZN
Greetings from New Zealand. I came across your website quite by chance and was more than interested in all of the content.

#01 19/01/2018 Capt (I) John Franklin RN
I greatly commend your initiative in founding the RNIOA and wish you well in advancing an understanding of the important role played by “Schoolies” in the work of the RN and their significant contribution to its fighting force. You are filling an important gap in the history of the branch, and I wish you well.